Monday, September 21, 2015

How to Keep Your College-Age Daughter From Getting Raped

This article came across my desk earlier today:

In the SDMC Facebook group, we've had a lot of discussions about parenting. Specifically, how do we keep our daughters from becoming strippers and/or prostitutes. We've had some fruitful discussions, but we never really got around to talking about how to lessen the chance your daughter will get sexually assaulted. This article seemed like a good opportunity to bring up said topic.

I read through the article. While I question the validity of the survey given the methodology, it still highlights the problem of sexual assault on college campuses. I would like to see better research methods, and maybe some focus on dudes that get raped, too (it happens more than we like to believe), but this article also brings up an issue that's seemingly being ignored elsewhere:


According to the article posted above, we've known sexual assault is a major problem on college campuses, from an empirical standpoint, since 2007. It found one in five females had experienced sexual assault. Since that time, we've had a shit-ton of "awareness" campaigns complete with the advent of the "rape culture" idea. The result? Now 1 in FOUR women report sexual assault. In other words, our "solutions" are making the problem *worse*.


It doesn't take a rocket surgeon to understand why this is problematic. Since policy-makers clearly can't get their heads out of their asses and recognize the actual variables at play OR devise a workable solution, I recommend parents take matters into their own hands to protect their children instead of relying on incompetent, clueless idiots.

Ideas like teaching men not to rape, changing laws to assume the accused is guilty until proven innocent, boycotts, parades, carrying a mattress around with you, affirmative consent, blaming "toxic masculinity", patriarchy, or misogyny, talk of intersectionality, or any of the other dumbass ideas people have tried have failed miserably. This, kids, is why we don't let radical feminists determine public policy.

Here's my suggestions: First, make two years of self-defense (including live fighting and situational awareness... I highly recommend Brazilian jiu jitsu and/or muay Thai) training a prerequisite to allowing your child to enroll in higher education. The rationale is simple - knowing where danger resides allows you to avoid said danger. If you DO find yourself in danger and running isn't an option, you have at least some tools to incapacitate an attacker long enough to flee.

Second, teach kids, girls especially, to stop getting blackout drunk. Lowered inhibitions, decreased motor skills, and impaired judgment all increase the likelihood of a person falling victim to a rapist.

That's it. This is all it would take to make a statistically-significant dent in sexual assault on college campuses. Of course, this does nothing to end sexual assault of both men and women outside of the world of higher education, but that's another discussion for another day.


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  1. Jason, read your book, read your 2 blogs. You are good, very insightful. Keep writing, us guys out here in the wilds are benefiting from your work. (How was that for a recovering beta?)