We live in a society that is experiencing safety and prosperity that is unprecedented in human history. Never before have we enjoyed so much equality and opportunity. Unfortunately, the advancement of our society has also increasingly marginalized masculinity by either redefining the gender role as androgyny or femininity or overtly vilifying all things masculine. The San Diego Man Camp is an inclusive group of like-minded men that see the value in the open expression of masculinity. Currently, there are ample men's groups that aim to do the same, but they're a little too cult-like, annoyingly pious, or criminal enterprises. I'm aiming for a laid-back middle ground – something between The Promise Keepers and Hell's Angels.

The San Diego Man Camp has several goals, including:

  • Share and learn information about women and interpersonal relationships to make us more effective boyfriends, husbands, and fathers and assure our embracing of masculinity does not turn our loved ones into the enemy.
  • Create a fraternal club that provides a safe-haven for the free expression of masculinity where men are able to engage in “manly” adventures, discuss emotional and relationship issues, receive support from others that can truly empathize, and have freedom from our overly-repressive politically-correct culture.
  • Teach men traditional skills our grandfathers may have mastered, and modern skills relevant to our world today.
  • Work to improve our local community by fostering leadership and relationship-building skills with the eventual goal of creating a world where every member of our society, regardless of demographics, will have equal opportunity, equal possibility, and equal responsibility.

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