The purpose of this FAQ is to give you a feel for me (Jason), to give prospective workshop attendees and group prospects a feel for what we're about. So...

How much does this cost?

The current [tentative] pricing for my workshops is $100/ class if you register alone, $60 each if you register with a friend, $40 each if you register with two friends, and $25 each if you register with four friends. The obvious goal is to help create your own support network by introducing more people to our methodology.

Public service employees (police, fire, military, teachers, and  nurses) get the flat rate of $25/ class because y'all are fucking awesome. Unless you teach math.

If you cannot afford the workshop, contact me (Jason.) I'll make it work. My goal is to help people live a happier, fulfilling life, not become rich. But I do have to feed my kids. And cats.

What can I expect when attending Jason's workshop?

Expect to learn. Expect to have some assumptions challenged. Expect to grow. Expect to become a better man in your capacity as a provider, protector, and mentor. We cover three main domains: How to get better at being a man, how to better understand women, and how to create better relationships.

It's a laid-back atmosphere. I joke around a lot. And I swear. If you're easily offended by the word "cunt", this isn't the group for you.

What makes this group different than other men's groups?

Our focus is self-improvement. We learn some fundamental principles then start setting goals. We hold each other accountable for reaching our goals. We want to get better at being men, and our model has proven to be quite successful.

We don't take ourselves too seriously, we don't sit around bitching about stupid shit we can't control, and we're not trying to take over the world. We're more like a cross between a poker game with the guys and the Boy Scouts. You know, without the molestation thing.

How long will this self-improvement process take?

You will start seeing improvements immediately. For most of us, though, this is a long, difficult journey. You make a lot of progress, then slide backward. Lather, rinse, repeat. This is the purpose of the group... to give each other mutual aid and support for the journey.

I personally have been at it for over ten years, but about eight of those were spent toiling in isolation. Most men seem to get to the point where the masculine habits are internalized after about a year or two.

Do you have any guiding principles?

I believe in equal opportunity, equal responsibility, leadership with integrity, and doing everything in our power to help those who do not have the power to help themselves. I also believe all of us have infinite capabilities to make a positive impact on ourselves, our families, and our communities, and we have a primal duty to find our passion and go after it like our life depends on it.

Because it does. 

How do you define masculinity?

We define masculinity as traits that traditionally describe males, which includes independent, leadership ability, courageous, non-emotional, calm, assertive, aggressive, tough-skinned, competitive, experienced, strong, active, self-confident, sexually assertive, and rebellious. Per our stance on gender equality, we strongly believe anyone of any sex, race, religion, or any other demographic can and should have the freedom to express masculine traits as long as they are not infringing on the rights or free expression of others. 

Do I need to buy into all your beliefs to be part of the group?

Technically, no. However, if you have a lot of white knight or social justice warrior tendencies, we won't tolerate that behavior for long. Those are the behaviors we're trying to fix.

Is the San Diego Man Camp a place to democratically share ideas?

No. It's a despotic, slightly fascist regime. Dissent is tolerated as long as it leads to productive discourse or actionable plans that make our wold better, but I have limits. I support a particular ideology. I will not dilute that because whiny bitches disagree. Pop culture is democratic, and you wouldn't need us if pop culture didn't fuck up our perception of gender roles.

Do you have any initiation rituals or hazing?

No. Our workshops consist of lectures, discussions, and simple demonstrations and activities. I'm a high school teacher, not the president of Delta Tau Chi. However, we do tease each other a lot. It's how we develop emotional resiliency. Thin-skinned people without a sense of humor won't do well here.

I want to become an alpha male. Can you help me?


Are you guys pickup artists?

No. We advocate living your life for you, not for women. They're a compliment to your life, not the focus. Pickup artistry violates that principle. We don't care if others do it, but it's not our thing. Having said that, we do get a lot of tail.

Are you guys a Men's Rights Activist group (MRA)?

No. While we acknowledge men's rights activists have legitimate claims, we are not an activist group. And we get annoyed at their negativity. As men, we do face some institutionalized discrimination that borders on making us the underdog gender. Also as men, we're capable of thriving without a shit-ton of handouts or handicapping from strangers. Playing the victim goes against everything SDMC stands for. 

I'm a beta male and genuinely enjoy being a sensitive, vulnerable, sycophant pussy. If I join, will you accept me for the special snowflake I am without changing me?

If I could deliver a virtual punch to your nose right now, I would. The whole point of these workshops and group is to fix those problems.

Is this a group for single dudes?

It's a group for all dudes. Some of us are single. Most are in a long-term relationship. I'm married. We don't discriminate based on relationship status.

Are you just a bunch of 'roided-up douches?

No. We hate the Jersey Shore stereotype as much as you do. We earn our six-packs.

What kind of “adventures” do you guys do?

The exact nature of our adventures is dependent on the group members and whatever goal we happen to be working towards. Sometimes we just meet to shoot the shit. Other times we'll have serious conversations about our roles as men. Other times we'll learn new skills. Finally, sometimes we just do fun shit.

What are the “man skills” you talk about?

One of the goals of SDMC is developing skills that will serve us in our role as protector and provider. We do not anticipate bad shit happening, but we also realize the importance of being ready. As such, we learn practical skills like survival skills, basic self-defense, first aid, and navigation. We also learn more "modern" skills like basic car troubleshooting and repair, the basics of home maintenance, and even computer repair. We may even dabble in ideas like meditation. The goal is to become as well-rounded as possible. 

Do you have the secret to happiness?

No. But we have fun and encourage professional and social success, and that's a decent place to start.

Why the disdain for political correctness?

Political correctness is a symptom of a lack of emotional resiliency. And it undermines our right to free expression by replacing government control with social shame and isolation. And swearing is fun. If you're easily offended, we're probably not the group for you. Yes, I mentioned it again because it's an important principle of mine. Cunty, cunt, cunt.

Are you guys anti-feminist?

No. We fully support gender equality, which we define as equal opportunity, equal possibility, and equal responsibility for anyone and everyone regardless of what group or groups they may be a part of or identify with. We do draw a clear line between gender equality and moving towards gender superiority. As such, we oppose anything that attempts to redefine gender roles or promote one sex over another. We're kinda militant about equality and do not accept bastardizations of the definition of equality.

Do you guys wear fedoras, because I love fedoras?

Get the fuck off my site right now.

You say you're inclusive, what exactly does that mean?

We welcome all men. We don't care what race or religion you belong to; you're welcome here. Our current members consist of men from around the world, we have different political beliefs, different religious beliefs, and different life goals. I'm personally militant about inclusion, too. This includes trans men and gay men.

The one group we do not tolerate are dudes that whine, complain, or fail to take personal responsibility for their own self-improvement. 

You guys seem to have a strong heterosexual bend. What's up with that?

That's just a function of the early membership, which happens to be mostly of straight dudes. We anticipate this to change once our numbers grow. I'm actually an ardent supporter of gay rights.

I really hate women. Will I fit in?

Unless you're willing and able to change, no. You're not welcome here. We love women. Just like cars, steaks, beer, and fine home-roasted coffee, we don't make them the focus of our lives. 

I've read that masculinity is making my life shitty. Is that right?

Probably not. We live in a culture that likes to blame masculinity for quite a few problems. We don't buy into that narrative. We believe both masculine and feminine gender roles need to be preserved as they serve an important evolutionary and biological function. Besides, it's pretty clear the gender roles are complimentary, not competitive. When women say "Where have all the good men gone?", they're really saying "Where have all the manly men gone, because I'm surrounded by a fuck-ton of boys acting like women."

Can you really help me understand women?

Yes. Women are not the complex creatures we think they are; we just have a difficult time seeing the world from their perspective. We fix that problem. Understanding human behavior is the theoretical foundation of this entire operation. 

Do you guys utilize non-violent communication?


How exactly do you help relationships?

We believe most modern relationships run into trouble because pop psychology has sold us a narrative that simply does not work. Specifically, we believe intimacy is a prerequisite to passion. The model of relationships we promote is based off the works of Esther Perel and involve learning to keep the spark alive by alternating intimacy and passion. If you want a crash-course in revitalizing stale relationships and don't want to attend a workshop, pick up my sex-positive feminist-inspired book "No Bone Zone."

I'm a vegan/ fruitarian/ Crossfitter/ hipster. Will I be accepted?

Of course! We'll make fun of you, though. A lot. Mostly because most of us have experimented with all of these.

Worth noting - I actually do a version of Crossfit.

What's wrong with femininity?

Absolutely nothing! Unless, of course, society is forcing males to become more feminine. Per our stance on gender roles, we fully support anyone CHOOSING to express feminine traits, but vehemently resist being FORCED to adopt said traits. In fact, we encourage men to foster feminine traits. Well-balanced men are more effective men, but men that choose to be men need that freedom. That's where the idea of "gentlemen" originated. We fight for that freedom.

And we like pussy. Well, the majority of us anyway.

What is your official stance on gender role equality?

Equal opportunity, equal possibility, and equal responsibility for anyone and everyone. Nothing more, nothing less.

What's up with the Sheepdog, Wolf, Sheep, and Rat stuff?

It's a reference to Jason's Gender Role Protection Theory, which was adopted from Dave Grossman's excerpt from "On Combat." It's the framework we use to define gender roles within our society.

Do you think a woman's place is at home?

No. I'm actually a stay-at-home dad.

I feel guilty because I'm a man and men oppress women. Can you help me?

We can help you get over that stupid-ass guilt. We don't buy into the idea that men, as a gender, oppress women. Masculinity is about dominance, and dominance is not oppression. SOME men may, but we believe gender roles developed for mutual protection. And if you feel guilt for shit OTHER people do, you're a tool.

Are you guys a cult?

No. We're too apathetic. 

Where did you get the inspiration for your ideas?

The ideas come from many sources, including the writings of Seth Godin, Warren Farrel, Tim Ferriss, Esther Perel, Chris Guillebeau, Dossi Easton, Janet Hardy, Rollo Tomassi, Malcolm Gladwell, Hugh MacLeod, Robert Glover, Jesse Bering, Jack Donovan, Robert Greene, Christopher Ryan, Cacilda Jetha, Richard LaRuina, Elliott Aronson, Steven Pinker, B.F. Skinner, Stanley Milgram, Neil Strauss, Robert Cialdini, Sam Harris, Gavin de Becker, Sam Sheridan, and a handful of others. The big list of resources can be found here.

Can you guys help me get laid more often?

Yes. That's why we spend time learning about women and long-term relationship success. We're not pickup artists, but I suppose some of our ideas could be used as such. We're more into improving the quality and quantity of relationship sex.

My wife would never let me join a group like this. How can I convince her?

We'll turn you into the man she wishes you were, but is too afraid to ask. Probably because you've set a pattern of being a whiny little bitch. Let her read this post.

Is this group appropriate for children?

No. We're barely appropriate for adults.

Where did Jason learn all these awesome secrets?

Very few of the ideas are actually mine. True to my high school teacher roots, I steal share information from a wide variety of sources and synthesize it into something useful, understandable, and actionable.

Some of your material sounds an awful lot like those Red Pill dudes. What's up with that?

The Red Pill community was one of the major inspirations for the development of my teachings. I think the community makes some brilliant observations about human behavior. As a person trained as an experimental social psychologist with a focus on human sexuality, gender, and relationships, I can unequivocally say their observations are better than most contemporary gender theorists. I do not, however, agree with much of the methodology they use to spread their message, nor do I agree with all of their theories on gender. There are several stupendous minds that are part of their community, but there's also a lot of useless misogyny and an annoying tendency to blame social change squarely on feminists.

I do not live in the San Diego area. How can I participate?

Join our Facebook group. If you'd like to travel to San Diego, check out the "Workshop" page for scheduled workshops. If you think you can wrangle up nine other dudes and are willing to help with organization, I'll travel pretty much anywhere to conduct weekend workshops. Contact me using the workshop contact form in the sidebar.

Do you condone domestic violence and rape?

No. That's a stupid question. The only violence we condone is recreational and consensual. Same deal with sex.

You guys don't seem very intellectual. Why is that?

Most of our earliest member actually have advanced graduate degrees (I have an MA), but we're not organizing to discuss the symbolism in Chaucer's early works or recent developments in quantum physics. We're not fans of academic pretentiousness. We're dudes looking for a place to learn about and do dude stuff. We keep it colloquial. Most of the time.

I'm really religious. Will I fit in?

As long as you're not easily offended, yes. We are not a religious organization, but we are accepting of anyone from religious backgrounds. Just don't try converting us. I'm a devout atheist. But I'm also an ordained minister. And an ardent supporter of the "religious liberty" part of the Constitution. Religion is a complicated matter.

What's up with the Viking shit?

I like the Vikings. And celebrating my Scandinavian roots is significantly cooler than celebrating my French Canadian roots. 

I'm really into conspiracy theories. You know, like chemtrails and 9/11 being an inside job. Will I fit in?

Yes, but we will make fun of you. But we make fun of each other all the time anyway. As I mentioned, it's how we bond and develop emotional resiliency.

Are you just a group of weirdos?

A little bit. But most of us come across as fairly normal most of the time.

This Jason guy seems kinda shady. Where can I learn more about him.

Read my books (at the bottom of the page) and blogs. Or just Google me. You'll find enough shit to get a feel for who I am. 

Where can I find out more before committing?

Check out our Facebook group

Do you guys have a dress code?

No. I live in San Diego. Tshirts, board shorts, and flip flops are my daily uniform.

How can you help me get in better shape?

We believe men need to be in adequate physical condition to fulfill our role as protectors of our family, friends, and tribe. We also realize we live in a culture where fitness has become a rarity. We like food and beer as much as everyone else, so we encourage each other to exercise caloric moderation and frequent exercise. You don't have to be physically fit to join, but we do strongly encourage each other to work towards becoming physically fit. 

What's your stance on porn?

We like it, but caution against over-consumption. Quite a bit of it is inaccurate, but so are most TV shows and movies. It's fantasy, not reality. As such, we also support the idea of teaching people about the reality versus fantasy of porn.

Why are you based in San Diego?

It doesn't snow, we are in close proximity to both mountains and beaches, and we have some of the best Mexican food in the United States. 

I have severe psychological issues. Can you help me?

No. We're not therapists. I have a bachelor's degree in psychology, but it was the experimental social psychology type. I study people more than I help people. I'm better at messing with people's heads than fixing people. At best, we're more like fly-by-night peer life coaches you'd find advertising on Craigslist. At worst we'll use your serious mental illness for our own amusement. Most likely, we'll strongly encourage you to get help from a qualified professional. Many of our members have had some sort of shit in their past, so we usually have some good recommendations. As the insurance commercial states, we know a thing or two because we're seen a thing or two.

Are you like a 12-step program?

No. In fact, most of us drink in moderation on a fairly regular basis. We'll be more enablers than anything else. If you have severe addiction issues, we're probably not the group for you, though we do support our members who are recovering addicts.

Will we get to play with swords?

If we can get our hands on some swords, definitely.

I'm a trans man. Can I join?

Yes. We're inclusive that way.

I'm a masculine woman. Can I join?

No. Men only. We do, however, fully support the female expression of masculine traits assuming women also accept the responsibility that may come with said traits. You just can't be part of our group. Go form your own.

I'm a social justice warrior. I think I can help you guys understand why embracing masculinity is roughly equivalent to supporting the Holocaust. Can I join?

No. You idiots are the liberal equivalent of the Westboro Church. Go fuck yourselves.

Will I be required to get naked? 

No. We're not nudity-averse, but we do believe there's a time and a place. Hanging out with a big group of dudes isn't one of those times. 

I love this idea! Can I donate a huge sum of money to your cause?

Thanks, but no. I'll only take your money for the workshops or organized adventures. Out of principle, I do not receiving charity unless I lose the ability to feed my kids. If you have a ton of cash to burn, pay for some friends to attend the workshop with you. Or buy a shit-ton of my books. It's never too early to start Christmas shopping.

Are you affiliated with Amway?

No. In fact, if you are affiliated with Amway, we'd prefer you find another group. We don't want to hear your dumbass spiel. And I despise spammers.

Who exactly leads this group?

I do (Jason.) I listen to the members and solicit advice regularly, but this isn't a democracy. The actual SDMC is organized as a for-profit business.

Are you a guru? Because I'm in the market for a guru.

No. I hate "gurus", too. I have a particular point of view, but I'm exceedingly open-minded, do a ton of lifestyle experimentation, and change courses when necessary. I simply lead the collective and teach the workshops.

I've followed Jason on Facebook, and he's kind of a dick. Can we expect more of the same?

No. I'm actually a pretty friendly dude in real life. Maybe slightly morally-vacuous, but still a pretty decent dude. My Facebook persona is usually a trolling caricature I use to stimulate discussions. Social media is my experimental social psychology sandbox. I don't actually troll inside the group. Most of the time.

Are you going to make us run barefoot, run ultramarathons, do that weird pajama wrestling, or do mma?

No. I'll be happy to talk about my hobbies, but I don't care to recruit.

Is there a SDMC manual I can purchase?

No, but we do have a "field guide" that is distributed as a supplement to the workshops. The only way to obtain a copy is attending the workshops. Besides, most of the info can be found on this blog or on my Sexpressionists blog.

Do you have any resources for women?

I lead another mixed-gender crossover group that discusses many of the same topics. You can find it here.

I'm dating/ married to a pussy. Can you help him man-up?

Probably. Contact me using the workshop contact form in the sidebar and we'll discuss the situation. I can't help everyone, but I'm willing to at least try.

Any other questions? Contact me using the "Workshop Contact Form" in the sidebar.


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