Friday, July 10, 2015

Don't Hate Women

One of the primary things we do in San Diego Man Camp is discuss and learn about women. Specifically, we learn the how and why women do what they do. After all, the single most common complaint men have about women is "I have no idea why she does the stuff she does." 

Women's behavior, to men, often seems completely irrational. But it's not. The problem is we can't help but view female behavior through the lens of our male worldview, and men and women see the world in fundamentally different ways. It doesn't help that men tend to take women's words literally instead of looking at the bigger picture of body language, context, etc. It also doesn't help that we place women on a pedestal and ascribe all kinds of positive characteristics to them, which sets us up for disappointment. 

We fix that. And it's not nearly as complicated as the picture above would lead us to believe. But that's how it feels to the uninitiated. 

When we learn about women, we do so from a very clear, somewhat clinical perspective. We don't dress it up with flowery poetry or wrap it in politically-correct fell-good jargon. We're clear, concise, and direct. We give facts in a way that makes them usable. 

There's a caveat to this discovery, though. When female behavior is unveiled, it has a tendency to make men angry. And bitter. Men feel like they've been manipulated their whole lives, and it stings. A lot. They haven't been manipulated; they just had expectations based on their own worldview. 

The problem - that anger serves no useful purpose. Swearing off women or going on misogynistic crusades accomplishes nothing. We can throw a million pennies in the wishing well, but we're not going to change the nature of women. We might as well try to stop the ocean tides, bench-press 2,000 pounds, or sit through an entire episode of The Kardashians

The correct things to do are:

  1. Accept the world as it is, which of course includes women.
  2. Devise better strategies to our interactions with females.
  3. Put those strategies to work to improve your relationships and other interactions with women.
That's it. That's all we have to do. We can choose to be angry and bitter. Or we can be good problem-solvers and use the information to improve our lives.

It's nothing more than a choice, gentlemen.


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