Saturday, August 22, 2015

Beta Relationships and Marriage Part Two: Fixing the Boring Marriage

In Part One of the series, I discussed the four common beta relationship patterns that occur in modern American society. In this post, I'll discuss a solution for the "boring marriage."

This pattern is exceedingly common in modern relationships to the point where it might even be considered the norm.In this scenario, the sex may not be as passionate or as frequent as it once was. The deep, fascinating conversations the couple once had may be replaced by discussions about the shopping list for the Friday evening trip to the grocery store. "Date nights" consist of the same boring "dinner and a movie" activities. There may be some bickering and nagging, but the disagreements are minor and quickly forgotten or resolved. Neither partner is looking outside the relationship for excitement (yet), but they also don't seem to have good answers to spicing things up.

Fundamentally, this relationship pattern develops because we tend not to understand the nature of female desire, the role men play in stoking that desire, or how passion and intimacy really work. Pop culture does not help as pretty much every piece of conventional "advice" tends to make the problem worse.

So How is the Problem Solved?

Luckily, relationship boredom is easy to fix once you understand a handful of concepts and follow some easy steps. Let's start with the concepts:

Once you understand these basics, I would recommend reading: 

Once you've read through all the material, you'll have a firm grasp on all the basics needed to refresh your relationship.

  1. Increase your value by self-improvement, including getting fit (lift weights, lose fat), learning better posture, eye contact, and body language, and increasing confidence.
  2. Start making decisions, passing all shit tests, and initiating sex. When having sex, use the lessons from The Sex God Method.
  3. Start planning and executing fun stuff on a regular basis.
  4. Join our San Diego Man Camp Facebook group to share ideas.
That's it. There's not a whole lot needed for this scenario; it's just a matter of learning what really keeps the spark alive, then doing it.

In the next post, we'll discuss the slightly more serious relationship scenario where a former Alpha male has been "tamed" into being a beta by his woman.

Click here for part three of the series.


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